An extreme astronomical and long distance observation tool of the highest measure, the Fujinon 25x150 EM-SX ED Binocular is a gargantuan unit with 150mm large-aperture objective lenses.  It is likely the world's best deep sky, low magnification observation instrument.  It is adored by Japanese astronomers.

Boasting precise resolving power and superior light condensing power, this is an ideal unit for exacting observation in the specialized field of deep space.  Fujinon has applied their multilayer anti-reflection EBC coatings to each lens surface, and it is also sealed for extreme resistance to the elements.  Equipped with ED glass (extra low dispersion), it provides enhanced resolution and edge-delineation performance, particularly in distant high contrast viewing.  If you intend to use this unit for comet hunting, you'll definitely see the difference that ED glass makes.

The 25x150 EM-SX ED is delivered without any mounting system, but there is an optional dedicated pedestal mount for full time astronomical use.  The binocular also accepts the Polaris series of polarizing, haze, nebula, or neutral density eyepiece filters, and essentially shares their flat-field eyepiece design.

  • Military-specification unit meant for outdoor installations
  • An extreme performance astronomical observation unit
  • Fujinon's EBC multicoatings upon every optical surface
  • ED Glass to provide enhanced resolution and edge-delineation performance, especially in distant high contrast viewing
  • Flat-field, distortion-free eyepieces
  • Wide 67° apparent field of view from 25x magnification and 2.7° true field
  • Optional dedicated mount
  • Angled eyecups shield viewer from stray light
  • Adjustable interpupillary distance setting (~60-70mm)
  • Accepts Fujinon's Polaris series of eyepiece filters

Fujinon 25x150 ED-SX

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