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Fujinon 7x50 Meibo

The Fujinon 7x50 Meibo binocular was a great binocular built by Fujinon from the mid 1970's until the early 1990's. From general servicing to full overhauls we've seen thousands of them over the years. Fujinon supported parts for this model until about 2008 when they halted production of that type of rubber. 

Fortunately Fujinon still produces eye cups and objective covers for this binocular as they share similar specifications with the current AR model. They also share similar if not exact optical specifications to current MTR so glass is replaceable.

With that our ability to repair/restore these binoculars is somewhat limited. We are able to replace glass, and repair just about anything that has to do with the binoculars functions. We lack the ability to recover the binoculars to original condition like we had for so many years. 


At present time we do offer a service in which we will remove all old rubber, sandblast prime and  texture paint the aluminum bodies, replace any glass needed (usually eye lenses) , seal and purge the binoculars along with new eye cups and objective covers. If you are interested in this service please contact us. 

Meibo eye cups

Since Fujinon still produces a rubber eye cup for this binocular, eye cups are available for purchase. Unfortunately Fujinon produced a few different styles of Meibo binoculars. One of the main differences of the two styles was found in the eye piece/diopter ring. We call one "old style Meibo" and one "new style Meibo". The newer style Meibo binoculars is a simple replacement. The eye cups simply unscrew and the new eye cups take their place. The older style Meibo eye cup isn't produced by Fujinon anymore, so in order to replace your eye cups we need to make a small modification here in our shop to adapt the newer style eye cups onto your older style binoculars. Cost for this modification is $10 plus shipping back to you. Below are some pictures to help determine which style (old or new) you own.


New Style

  • Raised threads

  • Retainer ring flush with diopter ring


If your binoculars look like this when the eye cup is removed you can simply purchase replacement eye cups below and replace them yourself. 

Old Style

  • Recessed threads

  • Retainer ring not with diopter ring

If your binoculars look like this when the eye cup is removed you must send your binoculars in for a small modification in order to replace your existing eye cups. Please fill out the repair form found at the page below and send them in

Repair Form
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