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Introducing the Baker Faceshield Kit for Fujinon TSX 1440 Binoculars, a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike.


Included in this kit:


Baker Faceshield: Crafted with precision and designed for ultimate protection, the Baker Faceshield offers your eyes protection from exterior light and wind for prolonged use of binoculars


Adapter Rings for TSX 1440: Engineered to perfection, the two adapter rings in this kit are specifically tailored for seamless integration with the Fujinon TSX 1440 binoculars. These adapter rings are designed to snugly replace the existing twist-up eyecups on your binoculars, ensuring a perfect fit for your Baker Faceshield. With these adapter rings, installation is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly and quickly enhance the functionality of your Fujinon TSX1440 Binoculars. 
Elevate your fishing game with this essential accessory.

Baker Faceshield and adapters for Fujinon TSX 1440

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