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Binocular Sales and Service

since 1936

We can handle just about any binocular repair, Click here to find out more


About our shop

Our History

Founded in 1936 by Captain Robert H. Baker, Baker Marine Instruments and Repair has sold, repaired and adjusted optical and navigational equipment for over 80 years. In the late 1950s, Robert L. Osterberg, Retired OM, joined forces with Captain Baker. Through his service in the United States Navy, Mr. Osterberg gained more than 20 years of experience as an optical repair man aboard many tenders and land based facilities around the world.
Bringing his knowledge of optics to Baker Marine, he began the first of three generations who continue the Baker Marine tradition of fine service and quality products. We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built and continue to cultivate. As we move forward, Baker Marine will continue to provide quality craftsmanship and knowledge to our customers throughout the world.

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